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Reviews of EHTravels
"Thank you Arantxa! The entire group had a spectacular time in France. Your agency handled the entire vacation very well. We'll be back next year!
Larry C., San Juan, PR - September 2016
Reviews of EHTravels
"Aranzazu, thank you for the excellent service. The trip to Africa was was perfect and an unforgettable.
Luis F., San Juan, PR - August 2016
Reviews of EHTravels
"Thank you Arantxa for all your dedication, passion, and professionalism. The level of support offered by your agency is priceless. The family trip to Australia was amazing!
Fernando B., Houston, TX - July 2016
Reviews of EHTravels
"Arantxa thanks a million! The cruise tour to Spain with Royal Caribbean was super. We are very grateful for all your hard work making; including the pre and post cruise hotels and tours ... PS Thank you for the free transfer!"
Aida C., San Juan, PR, - June 2015
Reviews of EHTravels
"Arantxa thank you for taking over organizing this amazing trip to Italy. You managed to put together such a complex customized tour for my girlfriend and I. Without you we couldn't possibly have managed. We are recommending you to our family, friends, and colleagues"
Brad G. Fort Lauderdale, FL, - May 2015
Reviews of EHTravels
"Aranzazu, thank you for your assistance with our wedding trip and vacation to Mexico. It was amazing! We had a great time and the accommodations were excellent"
Krista Y.L., Miami, FL, - September 2014
Reviews of EHTravels
"What an amazing trip to India this was! I can honestly say that Arantxa did an amazing job in organizing this group tour. With Arantxa I would travel till the end of the world"
Josefina E. , San Juan, PR, - March 2014
Reviews of EHTravels
"Thank you Arantxa! Without your help it would have been very difficult to put together a family vacation to Paris for the Christmas holidays"
Marisol T. , San Juan, PR, - January 2014
Reviews of EHTravels
"The cruise onboard of Norwegian Epic for the New Year was very nice. We had a great family vacation and we thank you Aranxta for all the help in booking and coordinating such a large family. We strongly recommend your agency and services"
Leonette J. , San Juan, PR, - January 2014
Reviews of EHTravels
"The trip from Paris to Madrid was very good, the tours were excellent, and the staff very friendly and available to help...Thank you very much for everything"
Dennis C. , San Juan, PR, - December 2013
Reviews of EHTravels
"The Celebrity Mediterranean cruise was excellent. Thanks a million. I'm waiting for the next trip"
Eduardo F. , San Juan, PR, - October 2013
Reviews of EHTravels
"A friend recommended us EHTravels and we are very glad we contacted them for our 2 days layover in Miami. They found a great hotel (the James Royal Palm) right on the beach in Miami Beach, close to everything, at an unbeatable price. We definitely recommend EHTravels and their superb services"
Omar S. and Lisa R., Geneva, Switzerland - July 2013
Reviews of EHTravels
"My daughter and I had a wonderful time in Mr. Zini's "From Milan to Prague Tour". We are looking forward for next year"
Ada I. C., Miami, FL - June 2013
Reviews of EHTravels
"Christopher had a great time in Mr. Zini's Trip this summer! He's ready for the next trip!"
Adrienne C., Miami, FL - June 2013
Reviews of EHTravels
"Our Cruise Tour to Dubai was amazing. Thank you for helping us organize and handle all of our 15 reservations with Royal Caribbean and Delta. You guys are amazing"
Yvonne P., San Juan, PR - March 2013
Reviews of EHTravels
"I have been taking students to Europe since 2005. Before I was using another large tour operator specializing in student tours. Since 2009 I have been using EHTravels and everyone is very happy with the service. Most importantly, better prices and value for your money"
Luca Z., Miami, FL - June 2012
Reviews of EHTravels
"Once again EH has provided an excellent service with our vacation to Honduras. What shall I say...We will be back for more in November. Thank you again EH"
Yanina V., Miami, FL - October 2010
Reviews of EHTravels
"Our trip to South Africa for the World Cup was magnificent. Exploring Horizons went beyond everything we expected"
Yanina V., Miami, FL - September 2010
Reviews of EHTravels
"Excellent service and good prices. Thank you for all you provided. We have every intention to use your services again"
Oday S., Stockholm, Sweden - August 2010
Reviews of EHTravels
"We were all glad to have booked our kids' Europe Trip through EHTravels. Everything was good and I hope to use your services soon. Thank you for all you have done"
Yvette A., Miami, FL - August 2010
Reviews of EHTravels
"First time I took a group of 20 students to Europe with EHTRAVELS. Everything was well planned from beginning to end. I would definitely use EHTRAVELS again"
Luca Z., Miami, FL - June 2010
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